Everything is unstable.

19 08 2021

Do we want stable?
Do we want safe?

It might telling us that is not what you want.

Action will only take you to what you feel in you.

Fear and unsafe give us unstable in mind.

So, don’t think about we have safe and stable moment at all.

Just everything is unstable.
Mind is always flexible and free.

So, don’t.


Moment of something

23 07 2021

Touch to deth.
Touch to lives.

Someone is dying.
Memory comes back.

Losing something precious.
There is no word to say.

It just feels something filled with.

Is it love?

Is it .. something..

New start might be.

One step is

18 07 2021

Do not take one.
Do not choose one.

Try to see around you and feel in you.

But own mind has to be emptiness.
Like you are the nature itself.

Emptiness is coming from your lifestyle habit.

How your mind feel in you.

No one knows even you.

But you can only feel it.
That’s so precious moment when you touch it.

Harmony with nature.

20 06 2021

Listen to it.

Voice will be a bird.
Sound will be wind.

Eye site will be green and flowers.
Smells are our land.

Listen carefully.

Do not TRY to listen.

Just be in you.
Not to think.
Feel in you with the nature.

We are part of it.


23 05 2021

It’s all in me.

Talking to other is talking to myself.

Natural moment that I see is showing who I am.

A Moment

23 05 2021

There are something in my heart.
They are calm and warm.

Where are they coming from?

They are not coming
from out side.

They are all in you.

So, you can start to feel it now.

Human forget it.

Everything is in you.


4 04 2021

Smells like rain.

Sounds like rain.

Rain is like tears.
from the sky
from the country
from the earth.

It tells me, it is the time.

Rain will heal me with the earth.