Feel my feeling

22 03 2015

What is my feeling?

How can I talk to my feeling?

Don’t ask and talk.

Let your brain go a way.

Let you feel free.

Keep in you are natural.

Your environment will give you a sign.

Can I notice it?

Are you natural?
Are you smiling?

What is my feeling.

You can’t find.
Feel it.


21 02 2015

What is elegance?
Human have it.

Elegance is sense of human.
Human is …

We should have their own answers.
Who decide? you feel and figure it.

Don’t look around any books or papers.

Feel it.


Try it when you feel it.

Climb and Climb

5 01 2015

Someone calls your name.

Can you do it?

Your both hands are already full.
No one cares what you are in.

Still they will keep asking you. Can you do it?

How would you answer it?

Yes I can.
No I can’t.

Do I know what I want?
Do I know what I want
to be?

I want to climb myself.
I want to face new me.


It’s going to be fun.
Enjoy my life.

Calm and Move

4 01 2015

Year 2015.

Every year people get busy and busy.


People live people. This is the human way. But we are also a part of nature.

Sometimes we should forget about personal want.

We should think a little thanks in a day. Just a small thanks and one act.

The feelings will release your busy moment.

calm and move.

Beautiful 2015.

Nature is Human Mirror.

4 12 2014





Four seasons

What are they telling us?

Whatever we have a problem, face to nature. It gives you to talk to yourself.

Feel yourself.
It’s nature itself.

Edge of Age

2 11 2014

What if you see woman can not move.

What if you see woman can not open a bottle cover.

I tried to give a hand. But the woman act like NO THANKS strongly.

The woman are over 85 years old.

After the woman act, woman started to cry.

What can we do?
When human face to own life, there is no no no way.

Life is YOU.
Live your way.

If you want to Master

27 10 2014

Whatever you want to master your way.

Do we have a way to be?

If you think the way through heart and head, you won’t be able to reach it.

You are master when you don’t think it at all.

Thinking is easy too see your way.

You have to feel yourself.

After all, most of the man said I haven’t FIND it or there is no end of the way.


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