Japanese Women

6 05 2008

This is my statistics. Japanese women are stronger than men in mentality around age 20th. Long time ago, women did not have a rights as men. Women supports men for anything in behind. Women did not stand front of any situation. And it is changing that the women have their own rights as other countries do.

On the other hand, Japanese men are becoming weak. The big difference is Mentality for any desition makings.  The age will be around 20th. For example, family situation, Men had a strong power to make any desitions before. Well, I should say too strong. But now it is diffierent.

Why is the men weak? Because they don’t face to any determination such as like women have childbirth. Lately, it is not so difficult to make a living such as go to school, eat, work and survive in Japan. Parents help them for everything. Kids just say “ok.” There is no commitment needed. However, women are different. They face to childbirth. This gives a strong determination for women.

About sports field, Women are very strong in Japan such as volleyball, softball, marathon, wrestling and soccer. Sometimes, I have talked to my friends. Women change when they have a baby. This is amazaing. Actually, this is good. But the men,,,, oh–. Gotta do something. At least, we need to understand what it is going on around us.




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8 05 2008

That’s interesting… I can’t really say that German men are weaker than women. It’s quite different to get a job here unless you’ve got a good school graduation and better some connections to companies, but that’s the same for men also for women.
I don’t really think that women really wants to get pregnant these days. First of all they want to live their own lifes, be efficient at work, be succesful like men and then when they are around 30~35 years old they think of marriage and children. But then still after childbirth they don’t really want to give up their jobs, nowadays it’s more and more needed that both parents will earn money to get sufficient earnings. Women are strong here but men also.

it has been a long time. working on business trip in germany. How about past? Were women strong? or not?

8 05 2008

I’m sorry, in the second sentence it wasn’t “different to get a job…” but “difficult to get a job”. 😳

17 01 2009

One reason modern Japanese women may seem tougher than young men may be the attitude of Japanese mothers.

Japanese daughters generally work as hard in the home as the mother, and yet sons are not asked to do anything. Do the sons do the washing up, take out the trash, fill the washing machine, hang the laundry, anything like that? The ones I ask… no. When I was a little boy, I had many jobs around the house.

For many young men in Japan, there aren’t really any tough decisions to make. Just hard work to do. Work hard at school, then get a job, and work at that. Like floating down a river. More and more young Japanese women are finding a lot more freedom from this social pressure. They live with their parents until their 30s, have few expenses so can live with a part-time job, take trips abroad for vacation or study or even live.

Thanks for your comment.
Why Japanese men can not make any decisions compare to women?
I guess, Japanese men don’t have strong concrete WANT or WILL in the future level. Or I should say, Japanese men don’t have enough time to think about own future. Luck of own management skill. What do you think?

31 01 2009

Nice post Taka. I’m an American married to a Japanese woman for 25 years. Myths abound about Japanese women, one being that they are “weak”. Mentally they tend to be much stronger than men. The most recent post on my blog, “Life with a Japanese Wife”, talks about some of these myths. Thought you might find it of interest:




1 02 2009

Hi, Tim

Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed your blog. My generation age is 20. I learn a lot of things from Japanese woman. hehehe

I will comment your blog.


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