Real word

5 05 2017

Brain word.
It’s too much to think.

Others word.
It’s not your own word.

Real word.
You don’t think.
You just feel something in you.
You don’t know what it’s something.

Then you can communicate yourself.


4 06 2016

Where does it come from?

Around your circumstances or yourself.

It’s not around you. It comes from your ego.

The ego sometimes can give us the power of movement. But when the ego cannot get the balance, it leads us to uncomfortable situation.

Such as losing own way and body balance to think, feel.

We got to feel our own heart. It’s not about brain thing. It’s about my own heart.

love and peace.


24 05 2016

Someone is behind.
How can we feel it?
What can we feel it from?

Is it something anger,
gentle or sadness?
Why can people tell it such feelings?
There is no word.

There is something in emotional appearance.
It is something mirror in each coz it reflects something from facing to.

People can tell the heart.

If you cannot tell it, the heart is telling you that you can not tell what you feel in you.

It is the simplest things to talk to yourself.

Appearance will tell you who you are right now.

When you are emotional.

13 01 2016

You have your own want.
You have your own desire.

You might you are facing to your hardhead.

In other words, you are standing in front of your opportunity to feel yourself.

If you keep feeling your emotional situation, you might be cought in others.

You think you can change others.

Who changes?

They change.

When they want to…

If you want to feel in peace, feel it. Don’t be cought anyone.

You are you.
They are they.

Weeds Plant

5 01 2016

Feel like you are plant.

The plant is nature plant.
It’s not human made.

It’s itself.

Why does it have strong and beautiful face?

It lives itself.

No one touch and talk it.

The life is short.

Why?! and
What make it possible to do?

There is no such reason.

They just live in their own beauty.

Do I have my way?

12 09 2015

I’m right.

If I think it so, I will meet the complain.

I’m not right.

If I think it so, I will lose my way.

I don’t know.

If I think it so, I will meet new me.

Flexible mind brings you a lot of opportunity.

But it is windy.

Control the wind.

Then you can fly.

Rain season.

26 06 2015

Rain season give me a time to feel myself.

Get wet.
Then, release your pressure on you.

Whatever you have on your mind.

Let your body feel so.

Don’t think.
Don’t try.


Until you feel something.