Life is between you and you

26 01 2018

It is not like a switch, on and off.

It is not like black and white.

PC is 0 and 1.
It seems like easy.

But people look for the between it.

Answer is always gray.

It is only one moment that feel the answer.

Is it right?
Is it not right?

The answer is not now.

you will see colorful ways.

yeah it’s gray.

Don’t touch myself

14 01 2018

What am I talking about?

you, me or what?

lost something in forest. .

too much to think about all

just don’t

don’t try

. .

just let it be

no more


Answer is snow

10 01 2018

is this my way?

is this my answer?

Everyone can see the way or answer anytime.
but it is like snow.

when time goes, the answer is just one moment and one image.

you can not catch or hold.

but you can see and feel it.

what can we do next?

The answer is always in one moment.
you might not be able to see it again.

you have an action or not.

opportunity is everywhere.

the answer is like a mirror.

Flower time

24 07 2017

10, 20, 30, 40, 50
60, 70, 80, 90, 100 years?

no no these are human time.
flower time is..
about a half year or 2-3 month.

what is flower time?
it is just flower time that you feel it is like your own flower time.

age 20?
age 40?
age 60?
age 80?
age 100?

no one knows.
only you know it and you can feel it whenever you feel.

it might be short.
it might not be short.

it is not important that if it is short or not.

it has some period of time in the limit.

flower time is..

life time..

One way

19 07 2017

two three four five..

those way are not my own.
it might be others.

it is always one.

live in one.
life in one.

step from one.
heart from one,

Do I live in one life or two three four ?

find the true.
meet the one.

it is alone.

no one is around.

the way is one.


25 06 2017

It’s colorful
up and down

need the width

the width gives us a balance to be calm.

because it is be

whenever you see and listen from outside, emotion is moving, growing.

time will heal
as long as you face to each single days.

there’s always beside

how you date with the width..

Real word

5 05 2017

Brain word.
It’s too much to think.

Others word.
It’s not your own word.

Real word.
You don’t think.
You just feel something in you.
You don’t know what it’s something.

Then you can communicate yourself.