Borderless mind

12 06 2015

As a part of nature, human doesn’t have the border.

Nobody can see the border.

If you can see it, it might be your style of living people.

Don’t look any border and wall.

Don’t see the only their surface. Try to feel their heart.

Close your eyes.

Feel your 6 sense.

A word comes from your heart.

7 05 2015

Thank you.

Like you are not leaving the word to say thank you.

You are like living together even if you talk to some things that have no heart.

You feel like it has a heart.

Because you have the love.

Where the love is coming from?

Natural sensitivity.

You can’t find it.
coz we have it.

Don’t look around.
Don’t look for.
It is in you.

Unpredictable is.

18 04 2015

Can you accept the unpredictable situation?

Aren’t you reading books near by your face? which is really close to read.

Unpredictable is.

Your new stage.

Don’t read everything in short distance.

Keep your own distance.

No one can avoid unpredictable moment.
If you try to avoid it, it will follow you until you face to it.

Unpredictable is.

Your chance to feel real you.
It’s going to be ok.
You will move on to the next for sure.

Unpredictable stage becomes your confidence.

Life is flat.

7 04 2015

When you look around, can you see the horizon?

or mountain 凸?

or valley 凹?

It should be the flat. But the horizon becomes 凸 and 凹 in your mind.


Because you feel it so.

Those mind is in you.

It is how you feel. You can’t take any shortcut. You have to face to it. After all, you might be able to your own flat.

Life is flat.

It is how you face to.

Feel my feeling

22 03 2015

What is my feeling?

How can I talk to my feeling?

Don’t ask and talk.

Let your brain go a way.

Let you feel free.

Keep in you are natural.

Your environment will give you a sign.

Can I notice it?

Are you natural?
Are you smiling?

What is my feeling.

You can’t find.
Feel it.


21 02 2015

What is elegance?
Human have it.

Elegance is sense of human.
Human is …

We should have their own answers.
Who decide? you feel and figure it.

Don’t look around any books or papers.

Feel it.


Try it when you feel it.

Climb and Climb

5 01 2015

Someone calls your name.

Can you do it?

Your both hands are already full.
No one cares what you are in.

Still they will keep asking you. Can you do it?

How would you answer it?

Yes I can.
No I can’t.

Do I know what I want?
Do I know what I want
to be?

I want to climb myself.
I want to face new me.


It’s going to be fun.
Enjoy my life.