The way of Thinking or Feeling

2 03 2014

To change

what I need is the way of feeling.

When input feeling is down, you will not come up with good output.

how you receive the moment in good way?

It is depend on your way of feelings.

Do not forget the order.

Not the way of thinking.


11 02 2014

Do you have your own time?

The answer has to be Yes.

If I think it is NO.
I am not right on my way.
It is ok if you notice it.

So, what’s next?
see and feel what you really think about yourself.

shut out media, sound and human for a while.

Feel Myself with your own
time and steps.


26 10 2013

Can you feel your time?

Do you have your time?

Do you know the time gives you meaning of your life.

How do you spend your time?

The time has meaning.
If you notice it, you feel yourself.

Face to your time.

Time is your life.

If you really think it so, you live in your time.

Live your own life.

Wind energy

30 08 2013

Do I know my wind?

Do you know what type of wind you have?

soft wind
hard wind
no wind

Do I Know?

soft wind. you want hard time.

hard wind. you want soft wind.

no wind. you want both wind.

wind is energy.

feel it more.


15 08 2013

Do I have a vision?

Do I Know my vision?

If I want to feel the vision, see your lives in everyday.

talk to your vision.

feel your lives.

what feeling makes you excite?

vision is in you.

feel it. feel myself.

no book, no on-line, no others

In me.

summer season

15 08 2013

summer weather

summer clothes

summer time

can we feel the season?

play with seasons

Love is invisible

4 08 2013

Where is my love?

Who has my love?

What is my love?

When my love start action?

no one knows

but you. your love knows it.

do not ask. feel it.


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